Pediatric Imaging Online User Agreement

Pediatric Imaging Online is an interactive, web-based educational resource related to the field of Pediatric Medical Diagnostic Imaging. Access to Pediatric Imaging Online is provided without charge to users for educational purposes only. Use of material from the site for any other purposes is strictly prohibited.

The contents of the site database, search features, and layouts are the property of Pediatric Imaging Online. Registered users are permitted to export images and text for educational purposes only, as long as reference is made to Pediatric Imaging Online by its URL as the source of the information. Publication or sale of any material from Pediatric Imaging Online either in printed or electronic form is prohibited.

Individual user log-in is required for viewing Pediatric Imaging Online. Individual user activity on the site is monitored and stored in the site database. Stored information on site traffic may be used for quality assurance and site enhancement. Information on the use of the site by any individual user may be used to provide confidential feedback to that user. However, user identities and information on the use of the site by individual users will not be shared with other users.

Inappropriate activity on the site or inappropriate use of material from the site may lead to termination of the user's log-in privileges to Pediatric Imaging Online.


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