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About Pediatric Imaging Online


Pediatric Imaging Online is an interactive, user-friendly, web-based educational resource related to the field of Pediatric Radiology. Material on the site draws widely from all aspects of pediatric medical and surgical practice with a primary emphasis on the role of diagnostic imaging in pediatric care.

The site is designed to serve a wide range of physician and non-physician users, including both trainees and practitioners, whether specializing in radiology or in other areas of pediatric medical practice. One of the primary long-term goals of the site is to develop a broad curriculum in pediatric imaging that can be used by trainees. However, Pediatric Imaging Online can also be used as a reference for quickly answering specific practice-related questions.

Given the diverse ways in which different people approach learning on the internet, Pediatric Imaging Online is designed to allow users great flexibility in accessing information using strategies that will be most personally effective. The site incorporates both traditional, module-based, linear approaches, as well as a variety of more flexible, non-linear search functions that allow each user to follow their own individualized path through the material on the site.

Access to Pediatric Imaging Online is free. It does require a simple registration and acceptance of a user agreement. Having users log-on enables us to provide detailed individualized feedback that can be helpful both for self-assessment and for training documentation. This feedback also helps us to continuously enhance the functions available on Pediatric Imaging Online.



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